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Best Swimming Workouts for Endurance Building for Defence Exam

Swimming and pool exercises are considered to be one of the best sports providing a holistic workout experience by involving full body parts of an individual. By incorporating well-organised swimming sessions into a defence physical training routine, candidates can build endurance and all rounded fitness. From improving cardiovascular health to building mental resilience, swimming workouts offer the ultimate edge to the candidates in clearing defence examinations. 

Understanding the Science of swimming

Swimming is based on the principle of efficient delivery of oxygen to working muscles and effective removal of metabolic byproducts, such as lactic acid. It is an effective Aerobic training which enhances the body’s capacity to utilise oxygen, improving its cardiovascular function. Swimming helps many individuals to level up their performance while performing high intensity workouts. Swimming is mandatory in defence academy courses. It is advised to learn swimming to have an upper edge. The candidates cannot graduate without learning to swim. Further, swimming plays a crucial role in building endurance and allows individuals to sustain higher workloads for longer durations while minimising fatigue. Moreover, swimming enhances endurance which helps in sustaining prolonged running sessions and other workout drills that are a crucial part of army training. 

Build Endurance with Swimming for Defence Exam

Wondering how to build endurance in swimming? Following is a list of beginner friendly swimming workouts that will help you in enhancing your endurance.  

1. Beginner Friendly Swimming Workout

Candidates can develop swimming skills with patience and consistency. With this beginner friendly swimming workout, candidates can start slow and gradually pace up. 

  • 30 to 45 minutes session

  • Warm Up - 3 laps of 50 metres 

  • 10 freestyle 

  • 10 alternate strokes 

  • 100 kicks with kick board 

  • Smooth Swim - 3 laps of 50 metres (freestyle) 

  • Fast Swim - 3 laps of 50 metres (choice strokes)

  • Cool Down - 10 laps of Backstroke

2. HIIT Swimming Workout (Beginner Level)

HIIT swimming or High Intensity Interval Training in swimming balances intense level workout with stationary or active rest period. 

  • 30 to 45 minutes 

  • Warm Up 
    - 100 kicks 
    -  50 pulls 
    -  50 swim 

  • 5 laps of 25 metres; 4 kicks and 4 pulls 

  • 5 laps of 25 metres - Fast Freestyle 

  • Cool Down - 50 laps low and easy swim

3. High Speed and efficiency  Swim Workout

This form of workout focuses on increasing and maximising the efficiency of swimmers to full potential. The best combination of high speed swim and maximum efficiency helps swimmers swim smoothly and effortlessly.  This will further increase their stamina and aid the candidates in enhancing their performance in  physical fitness round of defence examinations. 

  • 60 minutes 

  • Warm up - 50 swim 

  • Free Swim 
    - 10 laps for 8 reps 
    -  10 laps for 8 reps 
    - 10  laps for 8 reps 

  • Free Swim fast 
    - 10 laps for 8 reps 

  • Free Swim All - Out (highest speed) 
    - 10 laps for 8 reps 

  • Cool Down - Easy swim 50 laps

4. Kick Building Endurance Swim Workout

As the name says, kick building endurance swimming workout not only helps in burning calories but it also builds kick endurance.  Kick endurance refers to a state wherein the candidate with increased kicking while swimming improvises one's strength, body position and attains speed and stamina. This further benefits the candidate in swimming faster and smoothly.

  • 60 minutes 
  • Warm Up - 50 swim 
  • Free kick with board 
    - 10 laps of 4 reps 
    - 10 laps of 10 reps
    - 100 kicks with kickboard 
  • Easy Swim 
    - 20 laps swim 
  • Fast kick swim 
    - 10 laps of 10 reps 
  • Cool Down - 50 easy laps

5. Tabata Swim Workout 

One of the forms of a HIIT workout, the Tabata swimming workout is usually pursued by experienced swimmers who want to complete a quick swim session with high intensity. In this, the swimmer keeps altering the rounds between 20 seconds of intense effort and 10 seconds of rest time for eight rounds. The Tabata Swim Workout is designed in a way that it increases your endurance level; thus further helps in sustaining physical activities for a prolonged time.  

  • 30 minutes duration 

  • Warm Up - 100 meters (any stroke)

  • 10 laps of 8 reps - take a 20 seconds rest and then continue with next 25

  • Easy recovery swim - 10 laps 

  • Intense swim set - 10 laps of 8 reps 

  • Cool Down - 20 laps of 6 reps 

Rest and recovery

It’s crucial to undergo rest and recovery during the swimming workout regimen, where the body undergoes significant stress. Here are a few tips which may help you:

  • 5-10 minute cooldown swim to relax your muscles and lower your heart rate.

  • Adequate sleep of 7 – 9 hours daily.

  • Fuel your body with a proper nutrients rich balanced diet, including lean proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and plenty of fruits and vegetables

  • Keep drinking water before, during, and after your swimming workouts to stay hydrated.


Swimming is the most rejuvenating sport that helps in building endurance specifically for defence examination. By following a structured workout regime and swimming workout tips, you will not only improve your swimming skills but also enhance your overall performance and endurance for your defence exam. The defence examination tests your endurance and strength in handling the intense physical pressure throughout the drill. Swimming will help you in building this endurance level which will ultimately help you in enhancing performance in the physical fitness examination and perform swimming activities efficiently during defence training. 

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