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Are you a Defence Aspirant, and don't know where to start. Download The FojFit app - India's First Defence Physical Training App, crafted by Ex-defence Personnel. Achieve your defense-specific physical fitness goals and multiply your chances of becoming the chosen one with FojFit.
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About Fojfit

Get Fit, Get Strong, Get Defence-Ready
Designed to provide 360-degree physical fitness solutions to aspirants who dream to make a career in defence forces. We offer self-paced defence training plans to help you train like a warrior under the guidance of ex-defence personnel. From providing foundational to specific regimes, FojFit is your comprehensive solution for every defence-specific need.
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Prepare. Train. Succeed

Take charge of your fitness mission today, soldier!

  • Crack the Fitness Code

    Learn from your defense guide what it takes to build a strong foundation to crack the physical fitness examinations. We help you track progress and modify routines as needed to optimize results in your favor.

  • Personalized Training from Ex-Army Officials

    Develop a structured, focused, and disciplined approach under the guidance of ex-defence officials and trainers to bring a unique perspective and valuable skills to your defence fitness training.

  • Get Real-world experience

    We offer physical fitness routines that mimic the physical demands of defence training in the field. Through our training regime, aspirants will develop the skills and mindset needed to excel in on-field situations.

  • Become Mentally Tough

    Defence training is full of rigorous and unpredictable circumstances. We help you maintain focus and concentration in high-pressure situations. With us, learn to stay calm under pressure, make rational decisions, and overcome obstacles without losing confidence.


Sync Workout with Trainers & Ex-Defence Officers

Everything that will make you a Defence Personnel is now available on the tap of your fingers.
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Kickstart Your Mission With FojFit
India's Leading Army Physical Fitness App.

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FojFit's Stand-Out Features

Our defence training-specific features emphasize realism, physical fitness, mental toughness, and discipline to ensure comprehensive and practical training.
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Professional Guidance
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Sleep Tracker
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Aspirant Community
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