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Daily Physical Fitness Routine for Defence Aspirants To Stay Fit

A soldier is like a wall that protects the nation and its citizens from the malicious intents of violent extremists and troublemakers. Entrusted with guarding the honor of their motherland, soldiers or defence personnel undergo stringent training to develop critical skills, physical fitness, and mental fortitude to perform their duties in challenging and life-threatening situations.  

Every year, multiple aspirants take the exam to fulfill their dream of becoming a soldier and serving their country. The aspirants are required to have exceptional physical fitness and mental acuity levels to qualify for the exam. Therefore, they begin their journey by incorporating a balanced and rigorous defense physical training routine in their daily life, making them capable of enduring the demanding physical tasks required during defence operations.   

Daily Physical Fitness Routine for Defence Aspirants 

The daily fitness routine of defence enthusiasts is a combination of intensity, discipline, mental resilience, and technical expertise. Physical fitness holds the utmost importance in defence forces, which is why it is significant for aspirants to reach the zenith of their potential by following a well-rounded and meticulous defence-specific physical workout routine.  

Let us explore what the physical fitness routine of a defence enthusiast looks like.  

1. Warm Up  

Believe it or not, warm-up is a critical component that decides the output of your fitness routine. It is because warm-up is similar to a fuel that prepares and powers up your mind and body for your daily fitness efforts. Whether you're preparing under the guidance of a coach or seeking help from a physical training app, you will consistently hear about the significance of warm-up from both sources. Warm-up enhances blood circulation, builds intensity, elevates body temperature, increases the production of synovial fluid in the joints, reduces the risk of injury, and promotes better recovery. A few warm-up exercises include arm circles, stretching, leg swings, butt kicks, jumping jacks, hip circles, high knees, torso twists, and shoulder rotations. Ideally, warm-ups are performed for 10 to 15 minutes but can be modified based on the physical needs of the individuals.  

2. Running Drills 

An exercise renowned for enhancing cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and stamina, running is an integral component of physical fitness routines. Start your running drill by brisk walking or slow jogging for 10 to 15 minutes. Altering between intense sprints and active rest periods increases the heart's efficiency and the body's capability to utilize more oxygen. Since running drills engage leg muscles intensively, it improves lower body strength and enhances your ability to sustain physical activities for extensive periods without fatigue. It is the best exercise to learn quick acceleration, beneficial for rapid movements and tactical maneuvers on the field.  

3. Cardiovascular Exercise 

Aerobic exercise, also known as cardiovascular exercise, is crucial for improving cardiovascular health. It strengthens the heart and lungs and renders a defence aspirant fit for sustaining field operations over extended periods. In addition to managing weight, increasing endurance, and bolstering the respiratory muscles, cardiovascular exercises facilitate better oxygen exchange. The ideal duration of performing cardiovascular exercise is 150 minutes if you opt for moderate-intensity workouts, such as cycling, swimming, elliptical training, aerobics, etc.  

4. Core Exercise 

Core exercises are crucial for building a robust and stable core. With a stable core, defence aspirants preparing for the defence physical fitness exam can maintain good balance, posture, and functional movements, which are indispensable for military tasks and physical fitness tests. Incorporating core exercises such as the plank, leg raises, mountain climbers, flutter kicks, reverse crunches, and Russian twists into daily exercise routines is beneficial in terms of strengthening muscles in your abdomen, lower back, hips, and pelvis, enhancing functional fitness, improving breathing and lung capacity, and better spinal health. For those unfamiliar with which core exercises, they should begin with, you can simply download FojFit, India's first defence-centric best app for physical fitness and learn core exercises that suit your body type.   

5. Cooling Down 

The significance of cooling down after exercises should not be overlooked as it brings the heart rate back to its resting level, prevents blood pooling, reduces muscle soreness and stiffness, and aids in recovery. Cool-down typically involves slow walking, gentle cycling, child's pose, and hamstring stretch. During 8-12 minutes of cooling period, you give time to your body to relax and recover gradually.  


Becoming a soldier and protecting the country is the highest honor. Many aspirants dream of joining the defence forces and contributing to the glory of the nation. While it might seem difficult to embark on this journey due to its rigid requirements, those who are determined put effort best of their abilities to achieve their goal. Hence, by incorporating the aforementioned routine into your daily life, you can expand your physical capabilities by manifolds and enhance your prospects of becoming the chosen one.  

Good luck!  

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