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Aide-de-Camp: Insights Into How to Become ADC Officer in India

Aide-de-Camp, or ADC, is an officer from the military, navy, airforce, or police department, who acts as personal assistant or secretary to officials holding a higher rank in the country, such as the President, Army chief, Army governors, or a state of the head. Their primary functions include providing assistance, advice, and support to the officials they are assigned to. Being an ADC is considered a title of honor as they are selected after more than five years of exceptional performance in their battalion. But that is not the only part of the selection process, there are more steps to it. Read on as we talk about each and every insight on how to achieve this title.

Whom Do ADCs Serve?

ADCs are assigned to officials of higher rank, such as:

  1. The President of India: They have five ADCs assigned to them, including three from the military, one from the Navy, and one from AirForce. Other than this, the President at his convenience, can choose any officer from the armed forces as his Aide-de-camp. 
  2. Major Generals and Equivalent: Those who are in command of divisions are assigned ADCs, generally those from the general’s parent battalion. The in-charges of peacetime commands, and also those in above ranks of sister services are also provided with ADCs.
  3. Army/Navy/AirForce Chiefs: They are usually assigned three Aides-de-camp from the Indian Armed Forces. 
  4. Governors of State: They are served by two Aides-de-camp, one of which is an army officer and another one from the state or central police department.

What are the Duties of an Aide-de-Camp?

An ADC performs both administrative and social functions, which includes managing routine functions, and also acting as a liaison between the higher officials and their subordinates. Let’s talk about all of their main duties in brief.

  1. ADCs are not appointed for ceremonial functions only. They are sometimes required to advise the President on their decisions of national interest, and keep them informed about other matters. 
  2. An aide-de-camp from the army generally functions as protocol officers, who ensure the implementation of each and every protocol when the higher official steps in. 
  3. They are in-charge of ensuring that the higher official is present in the right place, at the right time, and in the right attire. 
  4. ADCs plan the itinerary for the higher officials, and also schedule and coordinate their regular activities.
  5. They also meet and host the visitors to the higher official they are assigned to and supervise other staff members under the higher official. 
  6. Lastly, one of their main functions is to ensure the higher official’s security at all times.

How to Become ADC Officer?

  1. To become an ADC, one has to have few qualifications to pass the rigorous selection process.
  2. To become an Aide-de-camp to the President, the officer must have five to seven years of experience in the armed forces, generally as a Commander, with exceptional performance. 
  3. They should be physically fit and active to carry out the routine tasks of the higher officials. 
    The final step in the process of becoming an ADC is an interview.

Training of ADCs After Selection

Once the officer passes the interview, they undergo training to get prepared for their roles. During this training period, they gain all the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out the regular activities of an ADC. It focuses on various aspects, such as protocol management, security procedures, administrative tasks, and professional requirements of the higher officials they are associated with. This also includes training on how to maintain liaison with local military authorities, coordination with the seniors, and also on how to handle the visitors to the official.


An ADC to any higher official is expected to possess a few very important skills, that includes organizational skills, communication skills, leadership and management skills, social skills, and discretion and confidentiality to assist their superior in every situation. Those who aspire to become ADCs should have complete knowledge about their roles and responsibilities, as this can help the aspirants have a clearer vision towards their goals, and what strategies they need to prepare for it.

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Read about science-backed fitness facts, healthy eating habits, workout tips and tricks, nutritional foods, and more. Your one-stop shop to stay updated with in-vogue fitness trends.
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