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AgniVeer Bharti 2025: 5 Best Exercises for 9-Feet Ditch

Many aspiring candidates look forward to the Agniveer Bharti exam 2025 to join the Indian defence forces and contribute to safeguarding the nation by proving their mettle in the entrance examination. The entrance examination is divided into four rounds - 1.6 Km run, pull-ups (beam), 9-feet ditch, and zig-zag balance. Every round is crucial, and the candidate's performance in each round will decide if they can proceed to the next level of examination.  

In this blog, we will focus on the 9-feet ditch jump round and the exercises that can help you, the candidates, to strengthen your physical capabilities and perform exceptionally in this round.

What is a 9-feet ditch round?

The 9-feet ditch is basically a long jump round. The candidates must jump across 9-feet and land successfully to qualify. In this round, candidates either receive 10 points or 0; there is no in-between. Therefore, you should strengthen your lower leg muscles, core, balance, coordination, and agility to complete this round successfully. In addition, it is vital to pay attention and develop mental resilience and determination to push through this obstacle and come out victorious.  

5 Best Exercises for 9-feet ditch

To support your fitness journey and develop the strength required to perform exceptionally in the 9-feet ditch jump round, you must incorporate exercises that focus on lower body strength, balance and coordination, and agility. Your focus should be on enhancing your fitness to improve your performance in all 4 rounds of the Agniveer exam.  

  1. Air Squats

It is a functional exercise that improves strength in the legs and core and enhances balance. Since balance and a strong lower body are vital for a 9-feet ditch round, candidates must incorporate this exercise in their 9-feet ditch training routine.  

  • Beginners: 3 sets of 5 reps

  • Intermediate: 4 sets of 6 reps

  • Advanced: 4 sets of 10 reps

This dynamic strength training activity can help you develop explosive power, strengthen your core, and toughen your lower body muscles. It also works wonders on your balance and enhances your stability, enabling you to perform well in this round.  

  2. Box Jump

It is a plyometric exercise and can prepare the candidate to generate explosive power or extra force while jumping and covering a long distance. Practicing box jumps regularly will prepare your mind and body to jump promptly by activating the required muscles. This activity is beneficial for learning how to activate and control your muscles with explosive power.  

  • Beginners: 8-10 inch box, 10-15 jumps

  • Intermediate: 15-18 inch box, 20-25 jumps

  • Advanced: 20-25 inch box, 20-25 jumps

Candidates should consult a physician before beginning their physical fitness routine. For instance, candidates with injured knees or ankles should not perform box jumps.  

  3. Approach Run

It is an exercise that requires you to run in a straight line and then take off. It makes you develop an optimal take-off speed and consistent rhythm. The candidate should aim to complete the run between 18-25 strides. The approach run patterns may vary - you may either run in a relaxed pattern or run in an accelerated pattern. To practice the approach, run for the 9-feet ditch, choose a sandy area and mark the 9-feet distance. Then, mark the spot from where you wish to start the run and take off. Practice this repeatedly, and you will significantly improve your long jump skills.  

  4. Dynamic Stretching

Stretching warms up the muscles and increases the oxygen delivery to the muscles. Since the long jump requires you to be flexible, you can perform dynamic stretching moves, including side shuffles, arm circles, leg swings, hip circles, and walking lunges to improve your long jump. These activities will improve your flexibility and mobility, which will help you in the Agniveer Bharti Exam and the defence career ahead.  

Candidates can decide the sets and reps of the dynamic stretching activities based on their needs.  

  5. Rest and Recovery

Every candidate must understand that rest and recovery are equally important for an exceptional performance. Adequate rest results in muscle growth and adaptation to the stringent physical fitness routine. Also, when candidates indulge in physical fitness activities, they unknowingly create microscopic tears in their muscles that can be healed by adequate rest and recovery. Never forget that rest is a critical part of your progress.  

The Lesson  

Serving the nation is one of the highest honors one can bestow upon themselves. But achieving this feat requires dedication and sheer grit. Only through determination and a stringent physical fitness routine, defence aspirants can ace this examination and ensure better performance than other competitors.  

Good luck!

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Read about science-backed fitness facts, healthy eating habits, workout tips and tricks, nutritional foods, and more. Your one-stop shop to stay updated with in-vogue fitness trends.
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